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Windows 101: The Homeowner’s Guide to Windows

Understanding Residential Windows

When it comes to home improvement projects, window replacement is one of the most popular projects that homeowners take on. It’s important to consider all the factors that go into your windows, as they will be a long-lasting feature of your home. High-quality and energy-efficient residential windows can benefit your bank account, your comfort, and your lifestyle. Pella believes in providing you with the right new or replacement window options to best fit the needs of your home and your budget.

Replacing Your Windows

As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of the signs that your window needs to be replaced. You may notice your home becoming slightly more drafty in the cold months or find there’s condensation on the glass. These can be signs that it may be time for a replacement window. Replacing your home’s windows can give your house a new lease on life and make a great first impression on all who visit.
There’s a lot that goes into deciding if it’s the right choice to replace your windows. Whether you’re looking to upgrade all the windows in your house, or maybe just replacing casement windows with double-hung windows, navigating the process doesn’t have to be complicated. When looking to replace your windows, it’s helpful to first understand the window installation process.
As a homeowner, the cost of windows is likely one of the top considerations when choosing a replacement window. The cost of replacing windows will vary depending upon what look you are trying to achieve. The investment of replacing your windows will depend upon the material, type, and different features and options you select.

Shopping for Windows
You’ve decided to invest in new or replacement windows for your home — congratulations! Now it’s time to tackle the intricacies of windows. Understanding the parts that make up the anatomy of a window will help you avoid confusion and give you a leg up while shopping for windows. Knowing the meaning of balances, sashes, and lifts will help you understand how a window operates so you can decide which window type is best for the needs of your home.
There are many factors to consider when purchasing windows for your home. Before you start thinking about features and upgrades for your windows, you’ll first need to figure out what window material makes sense for your project. Pella windows are designed for specific climates, and one type of window may be the better option for your home compared to another type we offer. Don’t be afraid to ask your Pella professional questions about climate-specific performance features.

Living with Windows
Upgrading your home with new windows has many benefits, including increasing your home’s value, enhancing your safety and security, and improving the beauty of your home — inside and out. New windows also improve the comfort of your home by helping reduce drafts and hot spots.
Pella offers many features and options to align with your lifestyle and the needs of your home. If you don’t want to worry about cleaning, or want to reduce dust or allergens in your home, blinds, and shades tucked between panes of glass are an easy choice. Our windows are easy to care for and clean — designed with features like sashes that tilt-in, making those hard-to-reach spots more manageable.
Once your new windows are in place, you can go about further customizing your unique space. No two types of windows are the same. Understanding what window treatments work best for each type of window will help you make your house a home by adding an extra touch of décor.
Window Installation
New windows have many benefits including improved comfort, energy savings, peace, and quiet, and security. But to achieve all of these benefits, you will need to work with an experienced window installer to ensure your windows are installed correctly. There are four different options for installation including a Pella professional, independent contractors, your local home improvement store, or doing it yourself.
Whether you’re an experienced DIYer and are planning on tackling the installation yourself, or are hiring a professional, there are two different methods of installation: pocket installation and full-frame installation. Depending on the requirements of your project, you will need to determine which installation method is right for you. While hiring a professional will come at a cost, it’s a time-saving and low-stress option for homeowners. An experienced professional will ensure that your window installation proceeds as planned and will clean up the mess and haul away old windows at the end of the installation.

Designing Your Home’s Windows
For most homeowners, designing your home’s windows is a fun and exciting part of the home improvement process. Pella offers a wide array of features and options that may be perfect for your home. Our windows range in materials and options to fit your home, your needs, and your budget. You can choose the material, type, and customizations that make a good choice for your home. The possibilities are endless for making your custom window dreams a reality — even down to the finish on your custom hardware.

Finishes and Colors
When designing your windows, you’ll get to choose between interior and exterior finish options, each with its own benefits. If you choose wood windows, you have the option for the interior of your windows to be painted or stained with aluminum cladding on the exterior, allowing for even more design flexibility. Fiberglass windows are finished in a powder coating and have the quality look of painted wood. Dual-color options are also available, meaning your windows will come with a White interior and your choice of a different color. Vinyl windows come in solid color frames or dual-color frames to help add character to your home.

Grilles are another way to add character to your home’s windows. Pella offers traditional grilles and between-the-glass grilles, which are an easy-to-clean option. There are also a variety of grille patterns that can help to accentuate your home’s architectural style. Grilles are available in colors to match your window frame, creating a cohesive look across your home.

Hardware Choices
Choosing your window hardware is important to the overall look of your windows. To keep with your home’s natural architectural style, Pella offers a wide variety of window hardware styles and finishes. Whether classic, rustic or modern, you can customize your window hardware to be just the look you want.

Pella offers a variety of screen options for your windows. Each screen varies in transparency and airflow. There is also the option to add a retractable window screen to maximize your window space.
Learning all about windows and the basics of window replacement will help you to become more knowledgeable in your search for windows. Your local team of Pella experts is here to help you find the windows that are right for your home.

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