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Walk-in shower enclosures age as gracefully as you do!

Olympic Glass can help you modernize your bathroom for years of enjoyment now, and BIG returns down the road. We have curated quite a lovely collection of ideas to inspire you. Note all these ideas are showcased by the glass doors and details, which is where Olympic Glass really shines! Let us help you instantly modernize your bathroom. Free estimates and white-glove service is our hallmark.

The separate tub and shower are on-trend right now. Contemplate functional forms. Custom-built walk-in showers can take on any shape that your space and budget allow. If your bathroom is small and/or dark, opt for a seamless glass enclosure that allows light and eyes to move freely through the space. Other good options include floor-to-ceiling glass-block walls or knee walls topped with frosted glass; both designs promote privacy without blocking light.

One of the simplest bathroom upgrades to get a return on your buck is a separate tub and shower. Separate spaces increase your home’s worth and offer more functionality — particularly in the master bath. A standard tub and shower combo might do the trick, but it doesn’t have a wow factor. You’ll thank yourself later. Kitchens might sell homes, but any homeowner can tell you that a comfortable, functional bathroom is just as important. Function and style should come together to create spaces that keep your family organized, so look for upgrades that are compatible with the way you live. In most cases, spending a little more on thought-out bathroom upgrades can increase your home’s resale value — and your family’s satisfaction.

For a truly luxe bathroom, you need to start with your shower, making sure that it’s one where you can begin your day effortlessly or end your day by quickly de-stressing. When a tub isn’t an option—or drawing a bath is too much to manage—a well-appointed walk-in shower should do just the trick. While these are absolutely practical for our daily lives, there’s no reason that they can’t also be relaxing and luxurious—even Zen-inducing. (And in some ways, they might even be more relaxing than a tub.) Choose the right fittings and lavish showerheads, and you’re all set.

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