Olympic Glass & Building Materials

Olympic Glass and Building Materials - Advantage for Builders

In a market saturated with vendors offering competitively priced, high-quality windows, how does your local window vendor, Olympic Glass, and Building Materials, differentiate itself from the pack? What’s our value proposition? We’re glad you asked!

We believe Olympic offers an advantage for Builders:

  • Send us your plans or your window-and-door schedule. We’ll do a take-off and prepare your quote promptly. We can meet you or your client at your job site or office for sign-off.

  • Your windows arrive at your job site directly from the manufacturer. We’ll be there to perform quality assurance as each product comes off the truck. Need a couple of weeks before window install? We’ll store the order for you and deliver it when you’re ready.


  • After the windows are installed—before interior trim is complete—we’ll do a lock and slidewalk, ensuring that every window functions properly (or managing the service process ourselves).
  • If your structure is framed before you order windows, our team will come on-site to measure each window opening. This step dramatically reduces or completely eliminates the wasted expense and labor delay of re-framing. 

And if you prefer to have our pros install your windows, we’ll do the quality assurance inspection from delivery, expertly install the windows to the manufacturer’s specs with liquid-applied flashing membrane, and then perform the lock and slide inspection with you or your site super.

At every step of the way, Olympic Glass provides the superlative customer service you depend on. We live and work in Bainbridge, so our reputation stands behind every satisfied customer. Give us a call to find out how we can collaborate to get your construction projects completed quickly and efficiently.

Olympic Glass Bainbride Island earns 5 star customer reviews“With sincere gratitude for all that you and your wonderful team have faithfully done to replace my windows beautifully.”

Sue MacFarlane, Bainbridge Island, WA