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What to Know About Installing Replacement Windows

Finally, the installation day has arrived. Pella creates a hassle-free window replacement process, leaving your home spotless and your new windows dazzling.

Your home is special. It’s a monumental part of your life, the place you spend most of your time and create the lion’s share of your memories. While you’re in it, whether you’re playing board games with the kids or prepping for a major renovation project, you should be as comfortable as possible.

When you make a considerable investment in your home by replacing your windows, you have the right to expect service that shines and professionalism that’s peerless. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with Pella’s no-mess, no-guess installation process so you can be confident installation day will be as easy as possible.

Window Replacement Installation Day: What to Expect

Our professionals are craftsmen and women, committed to installing your replacement windows properly and securely. Careful, correct installation assures that your replacement windows meet your energy efficiency and design expectations. After all, each home is different, and each replacement plan should be customized to match the requirements of every unique customer. This isn’t one-size-fits-all. A French casement window demands a different approach than a standard sliding window.

Our installation professionals relish the process, value your time, and respect that homes are cherished places. We’ll kick off the installation day by reviewing your window replacement installation plan with you. We’ll make sure you understand each step of the plan. This way, you’re aware of each action your professionals are taking and will not encounter any surprises during the big day. We want to dedicate time to make sure your plan is as exactly as you want it before beginning installation.

Protecting Personal Space & Beginning Window Installation
Personal space is something we all value. To make certain your home and belongings stay protected during the window replacement installation process, we’ll cover any work area with drop cloths. Drop cloths catch debris and dust, safeguarding your home from unwanted installation day remnants.

Next, our professionals will begin carefully removing your old windows. Our expert team has years of experience and training. We approach each project attentively, never forgetting your needs throughout the entire process. After we have completed removing your old windows, we’ll begin the replacement window installation process. Depending on your unique plan, you and your team may have discussed a pocket installation or a full-frame installation. Full-frame installations can be more labor-intensive, so keep this in mind on installation day.

We take pride in keeping our workspaces contained. Again, your home, and sense of privacy, shouldn’t be disturbed when you have replacement windows installed. When you upgrade your home with Pella, you’ll always receive careful preparation, expert installation, and thoughtful cleanup.

Completing Window Installation & Wrapping Up Your Project
As we get nearer to completing your replacement window installation, we’ll finish the window with your selected interior or exterior trim and any necessary hardware. Depending on your window selection, different hardware options are available, ranging from our Classic, Modern, Rustic and Essential Collections. If you’ve chosen a casement window or awning window, you’ll receive the added benefit of Pella’s SureLock system. This locking mechanism reaches out to pull the window sash tightly against the weatherstripping, creating a stronger seal than on other windows.

Our interior and exterior trim options add a lot of architectural detail to your windows and, as a result, you’re home. If you are installing windows from the Pella® Lifestyle Series, you can choose to select EnduraClad® exterior trim, which helps protect your wood window frame from the elements. Because this trim arrives factory-applied, our team won’t have to spend extra time installing it, ultimately providing you cost savings.

You can trust that the experts will keep you updated throughout the day as they continue to make progress. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about our process or bring up any concerns about the safety of your personal belongings. When we’ve completed the job to your satisfaction, we’ll thoroughly tidy up, making sure your living spaces are so spotless our moms would be proud. And as we haul away your old windows to our vehicles, you might catch us stealing one last glance at our handiwork and the beauty of your newly renovated home.

Window Replacement Preparation: How to Get Ready
When you work with professionals, you can trust our no-mess, no-guess installation motto. We’ll rely on our years of training, experience, and unrivaled professionalism to make sure you and your home are respected.

However, there are a few basic things you can help us out with before we arrive. Taking these small steps assures that the window replacement process goes as smoothly as possible.

Your furniture and home decorations are a reflection of you. Personal taste is part of what makes us all unique. We’ve been trained to work around home furnishings, but you can help us out significantly by moving furniture and decorations away from the windows being replaced to give us a little extra elbow room.

More important than anything else is the safety of your family. Please make arrangements to keep pets or children in a safe place away from the work area while we replace your windows.

When at last, installation day is finished, there’s really only one thing left to do. Sit back. Relax. And breathe in the beauty of your replacement windows.

{Reposted from the original published March 23, 2020, https://www.pella.com/ideas/windows/replacement/window-installation-what-to-expect/}

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