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5 Reasons Black Window frames are Here to Stay

More than a fleeting trend, black window frames have made a comeback, gaining popularity and becoming home design staples. Check out the top five reasons black windows are worth considering.

Black windows make a statement and have been doing so for decades. Inspired by the history and modernized for present-day design principles, black windows can take your home’s exterior or interior style to new heights.

Exterior Black Windows Bolster Curb Appeal

Owning a home is an investment. And it’s no surprise then that homeowners often take great pride in the investment they’ve made. That’s why increasing curb appeal isn’t only an effort to increase the value of your home, but also one to strengthen the vision you have for your home’s look.
Black window frames certainly aren’t for everyone. But, if you want the property to stand out, it could go a long way in distinguishing your home. This recent build from M House Development scores curb appeal points with black window frames and grilles that match its black entry door.
When considering curb appeal, performance might be just as important of a factor as color. Crafted at the crossroads of durability and stylish design, Pella® 250 Series vinyl windows boast a quality look with long-lasting beauty. Undoubtedly, you’ll want the finish on your black windows to look great for the long term. With Pella 250 Series’ DuraColor exterior finishes, your window color will shine for years with little upkeep. Another benefit: Pella 250 Series windows feature a weather-repel design and are built stronger than ordinary vinyl.

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Modern Dining Room Features A Wall Of Black Frame Windows
Imagine dining with friends and family here. A stunning wall of picture windows is more than a possibility when you plan your project with us. The style featured here helps create a clean-lined, contemporary gathering space.
Pella black window reveals

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