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Find the Perfect Windows and Doors for Your Home Remodel

Updated windows and doors can have a huge impact on your home. Read through our ideas for how new or replacement windows can complement your home improvement project.

Updating windows and doors is a central part of the home improvement process. Whether you hope to tackle a simple home makeover or fully renovate your home, windows, and doors greatly impact how a remodel looks when finished.

Home Makeover Ideas
Before you embark on your next home improvement project, consider these window and door ideas to increase the aesthetics and value of your home.
There are many effective ways to increase home value and update your home’s style — opportunities for remodeling are endless. If you want to start simple, focus on surface-level changes that are easier to complete, like painting, staining, replacing interior doors, adding storage, or even a kitchen pantry.
Larger projects that can give your home an interior and exterior facelift include replacing windows, adding built-in storage or additional rooms, and upgrading siding, roofing, countertops, tile, flooring, and carpet.
Two of the most popular home improvement projects homeowners tackle today are undoubtedly bathroom and kitchen remodels. Both projects provide an opportunity to rethink the use of windows and doors in your space. According to research from the National Association of Realtors, kitchen and bath renovations are both in the top five projects that not only have appeal to home buyers but also return value to sellers.
Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Aside from the expected kitchen upgrades, here’s a unique kitchen remodel idea for you: creatively reimagine the backsplash area by substituting a tile backsplash with awning windows. This style of window will allow natural light and refreshing breezes to flood your kitchen.
When you consider how much time you and your family spend in your kitchen, replacing your windows to allow for increased airflow and improved functionality can go a long way towards updating the overall look and feel of your space. Whatever type of window you choose, a new or replacement window offers numerous features and options to customize your window so it better blends with your updated space.
To give yourself more areas for storage, add a kitchen island with additional counter and cabinet space. As you focus on other smaller aesthetic details, also consider updating your appliances to go with your new window, door, and cabinet styles.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

To brighten up a dark, outdated bathroom, try replacing old tile with white tile and consider adding a window to an existing wall for an added boost of natural light. Specialty windows, like a hopper window, can be excellent options for spaces like bathrooms where privacy is a concern. Selecting obscured or frosted glass for bathroom windows is another way to allow light into space while also providing privacy.
Take into account how a new or replacement window would look from both the interior and exterior of your home. Whatever type of window you add should complement the overall design of your home and not interfere with electrical wiring, plumbing, and ductwork. Consider the interior and exterior finish of your window as well as options like hardware and grille patterns to really create a look that suits your style.

Exterior Remodel Ideas

If you want to enhance both the interior and exterior of your home, consider adding a sunroom to your home’s floorplan. We love the way Ashley Alivia Photography captured the architectural intrigue of the sunroom addition to this traditional Michigan home. Large fixed windows allow natural light to flood the interior space and create an obvious connection with the patio dining area. Traditional grille patterns on the windows underscore the classic lines of the home.
Regardless of the exterior remodel projects you choose to work on this year, you can complement these upgrades by replacing your entry door and/or storm door. When updating your entryway, think about how the addition of glass — through sidelights, transoms, or decorative entry door glass — can have an impact on the overall appearance of your home. And, if you replace your home’s siding, brick, or stone, during the remodel process, choose an entry door color that will work with the new home materials.

Planning Your Remodel

Once you’ve determined what home remodeling projects you want to focus on, consider your ideal timeline and budget. This will help you as you go through the contractor hiring process. If your project includes a window or door replacement or installation, be sure to contact Olympic Glass your local Pella dealer.

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