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Have you noticed the trend in design around black window reveals?

As you browse through interior decorating catalogs and magazines, you’ll notice that black windows are a trend designers are embracing. Over a decade ago, you could see black frame windows on the outside of many homes. Now, those black window frames are also a gorgeous addition to interiors. While black windows harken back to century-old factory buildings, a black window creates a contemporary and industrial appeal to your home.

The first thing you’ll notice when decorating around black window frames is that black will always be part of your design scheme. For example, selecting white wooden blinds is a mistake. The main reason is that they cover the black windows and, in doing so, the room starts looking too busy. Instead, opt for Roman shades or drapes. Here are additional tips for decorating around black window frames:

Include window boxes outside: If the windows with black frame windows are small, dress them up with decorative window boxes
Keep the windows bare: When black windows are uncovered, they look better, and they also become the room’s focal point
Repeat black in the interior: If you don’t repeat black elements in your decor, then black windows will start to look out of place

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Benefits of choosing black window frames

Black window frames are emerging as a go-to trend for decorators and builders throughout the country. Not only are they an exciting change from a traditional white window frame, but they also dress your home up inside and out. Let’s look at some other benefits of selecting black windows:

Bold contrast creation: On the inside of your home, black windows help develop a noticeable contrast with white or light wood cabinets and light-colored countertops
Curb appeal enhancement: Whether you’re putting your home up for sale or completing a much-needed renovation, adding black windows will help enhance your home’s curb appeal when you match the entry door with the window frames and grilles
Dramatic effects: Black frame windows add that pop of drama some rooms need — mainly when your interior design features a black-and-white theme or other light colors that will pop against the darkness of the black.

Vinyl black frame windows require little maintenance if any at all, and if you have brickwork on your exterior, the black window will offer a beautiful visual complement. Avoid using black windows on period homes, though, because it could look out of place with the original design.

The average consumer will need to understand windows and how they affect the safety, design, and use in their homes once in a lifetime. A solid informed, quality window purchase will in all likelihood last 20- 25 years so it makes sense to call the local expert. Olympic Glass is the local expert for window replacement, window repairs in Kitsap county.

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