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Our Bainbridge Island location is only available for material pickup, and our office is not open to the public.
Contact us immediately to set up your free on-island consultation.
Off-Bainbridge Island works requiring three or fewer window insulated glass units may necessitate a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to your purchase.
What distinguishes us? Olympic Glass of Bainbridge Island offers a white-glove concierge service on-site. There is no need to leave your home during these unpredictable times. The Olympic Glass experience begins by filling out the form below.

Bainbridge Window Replacement

Broken, fogged or damaged glass can be a problem. Glass is a critical part of your home’s overall structure. It is kept in place to withstand wind, cold, humidity, insects, and small animals. Broken or damaged glass not only looks unattractive, but it can become a safety hazard.
A window that is broken or damaged allows more than just an unimpeded view of the outdoors; wind, cold, humidity, insects and small animals will come inside your home. It also allows more than just an unimpeded view of the outdoors; it allows the elements to come in as well.
Broken glass not only looks unattractive, but it can become a safety hazard. A broken window can cause cuts and lacerations on those that walk by or near it. Your family walks by windows every day; make sure they’re safe. Removing broken glass from your windows is also a tedious task that can end up costing you more in terms of time and money than what you first thought.
Our goal is to help you resolve your window glass challenge while making it as quick and easy as possible.
We strive every day to be the best we can be at providing quality service. We understand that our customers are what makes us successful and we want to put our customers first next to our quality workmanship and pricing.
Part of being the best is ensuring our customers enjoy their experience with us and that they come back to us again, and again. People like working with people they like and trust. Our staff are professional, courteous, respectful, honest, polite, helpful, and knowledgeable about all aspects of home glass repair and replacement. Our office and sales staff also have years of experience in this industry which means you get more from your experience.

Residental Glass Repair or Replacement Bainbridge Island

Commercial Glass Repair or Bainbridge Widnow Replacement.
Olympic Glass and Building Materials, Inc.

White glove window repair or replacement service from Olympic Glass, Bainbridge Island’s premier glass service provider since 1993. No need to leave your home! Olympic Glass responds promptly to your requests. Top-quality window repair or Bainbridge Window Replacement starts with submitting this form.

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